Integrative Life Coach Session


250.00 for 3 session package



Life coaching key

Imagine a life where you truly accept and love yourself. My mission as a Life Coach is to help you live a life, confident and with the happiness you deserve. Isn’t it time you felt like you were perfect exactly as you are? • Feel safe breaking through negative self-beliefs • Be confident to be in any situation • Imagine knowing what holds you back from your dreams • Have the tools to be in a relationship with the right partner • Being able to rely on and trust your own wisdom for answers • Discovering how to live authentically as you Having walked through many of the feelings, roots, and roadblocks of my clients, I bring a great understanding of the personal struggle that you face with many aspects of living life. Through proven coaching techniques, you can gain the tools to make the changes to live life more authentically. Let me show you how simple it can be. – Offered as a package of 3, one hour sessions, because 2 will leave you wanting more. 🙂 – Additional discounted program sessions available when you fall in love with the work. – Evening hours or Saturdays, let’s set a time that’s perfect for you.

I am offering 2, 3 session packages, can be 2 different people or all the same person.